Officials have managed to refloat the SN Federica oil tanker that ran aground at about 35 miles east of Galveston, Texas.
Early morning on Tuesday, watchstanders from the U.S. Coast Guard Sector of Houston-Galveston were notified by the vessel’s captain that the 750-foot SN Federica oil tanker had ran aground while transiting into the Galveston Fairway.

The Italian-flagged vessel sustained some damage on its forepeak which resulted in water ingress.

Video of the grounded oil tanker ship SN Federica off Texas

At the time, the ship was transporting a cargo consisting of 400,000 barrels of crude oil (close to 17 million gallons in total).
Both a Coast Guard investigating officer and a casualty inspector were appointed to the oil tanker’s location. They later on issued confirmation that the ship was not taking on water and that there were no signs of potential pollution. The water ingress that was previously reported was confirmed to be from the ballast tank of the ship.

Grounded Tanker ship SN Federica off Texas has been Refloated

The SN Federica crew members began the carrying-out of their vessel response plan and initiated the dewatering process of the ballast tanks. The operation was concluded and teams were able to refloat the tanker at 10:32 p.m. There have been no reports regarding any injuries or pollution.

The Port’s Coast Guard Captain sent out an order according to which the vessel is to be restricted from federal waters till the proper authorities conduct an assessment report of the damages, along with an underwater survey of the ship’s hull, a vessel classification survey and dive report in order to establish whether or not the ship is sea worthy.

Grounded Oil Tanker ship SN Federica off Texas has been Refloated