Damen Dredging Equipment is a company that offers all interested parties a full range of cost-effective and heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps. It has released an interesting video depicting its DOP submersible dredge pump in action as it empties concrete caissons. All operations depicted in the material take place in Brazil.

The DOP pump shown in the video is directly powered via the use of a hydraulic motor that is mounted in a special casing for protection purposes.

The innovative system of employing concrete caissons for means of artificial breakwaters demanded and heavily depended on the usage of a DOP250.

This particular Damen submersible dredge pump managed to remove all the sand that was located in the narrow caissons, thus displaying one of its advantageous aspects of being able to fit in a confined space and still be able to pump the sand away over the important discharge distances.