General Dynamics NASSCO officially launched its Isla Bella vessel on Saturday, April 18th. She is the first LNG-powered containership in the world. The 3,100 TEU vessel was launched from NASSCO’s shipyard in San Diego and marked the company’s 100th launch.

The containership, which comes along the lines of a two-ship contract, was constructed for the purposes of the TOTE company, leader in the field of logistics and transportation. According to NASSCO, both vessels are to be the cleanest of their respective kind and size in the world.

The two ships are to use LNG as their source of power which will greatly contribute for the lowering of emission levels while at the same time boosting up fuel efficiency. They will also feature a ballast water treatment system.

The Jones Act-qualified ships are to be delivered in the later part of 2015 and will be appointed to carry out transporting operations between the Florida-based port of Jacksonville and that of San Juan, which is located in Puerto Rico.

Jacksonville’s JAXPORT is the top port when regarding trading with Puerto Rico.

Brian Taylor, JAXPORT CEO commented that Jacksonville will be enjoying a large number of benefits that come along with using LNG as both a fuel and commodity item.

“The ports and regions that have chosen to go along and seize the opportunities that accompany LNG use are bound to gain the most when regarding the creating of new jobs, local economy growth and establishing business connectivity with many other world communities,” he further added.

The Isla Bella has total length of 233 meters and a breadth of 32.2 meters. Her depth sits at 18.3 meters and her draft respectively at 10.5 meters. She has a MAN 8L70ME-C8.2-GI model Engine and is able to reach a speed level of up to 22.0 knots.