Russian Alexander Chuyko, former master of the Vita, has been sentenced to prison in regard to being over the allowed alcohol limit.

Vita ship

Photo: Roeland J

If Chuyko, who is listed as having no fixed abode, is to be released from custody he must pay the total amount of fines that were issued - a total sum of £1,315, which includes the £265 in costs and a victim surcharge in the amount of £50.

The court ordered him to serve a maximum sentence of 28 days in prison until all due payments are carried out.

During the trial Chuyko spoke via the use of a Russian interpreter. On April 22nd he admitted to be guilty of the following two charges: being intoxicated while carrying out his duties of ship master and for his failure to co-operate for a proper breath test.

At the time he was arrested and received charges in accordance to the Railway and Transport Safety Act of 2003.

On April 20th the police arrested the 45-year-old Chuyko after determining he was drunk – the Vita vessel was at the time at Bentick Dock. Chuyko had left the vessel and went out for a drink or two in town after receiving news that his spouse was experiencing some health issues back in his home city, Kaliningrad. He intended for this to be his last voyage after having spent 17 years at sea as captain.

The Vita departed from King’s Lynn and headed out to Amsterdam on April 21st on the afternoon tide.

Associated British Ports have declined to give any comment regarding the matter.