Approximately 120 kilos of fuel has been recovered from the Gran Canaria tourist beaches Tasarte, Taurito and Venequera in Spain, said government officials on Thursday, after the Russian cargoship sinking off the coast earlier in April.

Environmentalists of Greenpeace warned in a separate communique that the situation on the beaches would worsen over the next several days.

The Russia-registered Oleg Naydenov fishing vessel sank about 15 nautical miles south of the Gran Canaria. The vessel was carrying 1,409 tons of fuel oil, which as reported by the Spanish government, is leaking now 5-10 litters per hour into the sea.

To a depth of 2.4 kilometers, the Public Works Ministry has sent a ROV down to the ships' debris in order to see if the three previously observed leaks in the hull can be sealed, said the government officials.

Greenpeace environmentalists has criticized the marine authorities for towing the burning fishing ship out to sea after it caught fire on board.

In the organization report was included additional information about the Russia-owned cargo ship and its previous activities against the regulations when the vessel was caught fishing by the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise ship in March 2010 and second time in February 2012.

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