The United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) has made an announcement that current vessels sailing under the U.S. flag may be converted to liquefied natural gas (LNG) propulsion via support by federal funding in the amount of USD 900,000.

The funding is appointed to a demonstration project with which MARAD aims to support further activity regarding lowering emission levels.

“MARAD is to use the results from this current demonstration project in order to provide viable support towards further efforts of lowering air emission levels as well as to assess the public benefit regarding any potential incentives to support the adopting of emission reduction systems and alternative fuels in the maritime industry,” the administration commented.

The demonstration project at hand will aim to collect data related to air emission reductions that were achieved through the use of LNG and to extract operation lessons from the experience of operating a vessel running on LNG.

All interested shipowners may apply for the funding until May 7th.