U.S. Defense official, in an interview for CBS News, informed that the convoy of Iranian cargo vessels that had been on its way to war-torn Yemen, possibly carrying an advanced weaponry for Hounthi rebels, had changed its sail direction.

There is no information yet, if the convoy of nine cargo vessels will be headed back to Iran or to somewhere else.

On Wednesday, the Defense Secretary, Ash Carter said, that the convoy might be transporting weapons to the Hounthis, but he would not say if the United States would use force to stop and board one of the Iranian ships, if it entered Yemeni seawaters.

When questioned regarding the eventual boardings, he said:

“We have options.”

"We're not at that point. We're at the point of trying to get the parties back to the table," he added.

However, he said the United States is making it clear to Iran that "obviously fanning the flames or contributing to it by any party is not welcome to us."

The aircraft USS Theodore Roosevelt and eight other U.S warships are moving into the seawaters off Yemen as a joint sea patrol. Some warships are carrying teams, which are trained to board and search suspect vessels.

According to U.S. Officials, the deployment of the aircraft carrier earlier this week was in response to the unstable situation in Yemen, and its main purpose will be to assure the trade and navigation in the region.

The act of providing of weaponry by the Iranians to the Shiite Houthis would be a violation of the U.N. Security Council resolution. The Houthi rebels are the target of a Saudi-led campaign, which purpose is to restore Yemen’s ousted president.