At least five sailors are missing after the capsizing of several boat near the Mobile Bay, Alabama, due to a strong storm.

So far, more than forty people have been rescued in a combined effort, two bodies have been recovered from the water.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Capt. Duke Walker explained:

“In a combined effort, multi-agency responders have covered more than 2,500 square miles searching for survivors and we will continue to do so tonight.

“We are very grateful for the continued assistance of state, local agencies and Good Samaritans who helped individuals in distress.”

On Saturday, at about 16: 30 local time, the USCG received reports that a strong line of thunderstorms had hit the 57th Dauphin Island regatta. According to the reports, the storm caused several boats to capsize.

Susan Kangal, a sailor, told the CNN:

“It’s the worst storm I’ve seen short of a hurricane. It came out of nowhere and we had a call telling us to go ahead and put the jib up which we did.”

Search is ongoing with crews using boats and planes. According to officials, not all of the missing people were participating in the regatta.