BigRoll Shipping is constructing four cutting-edge MC-Class Module Carriers: BigRoll Bering, BigRoll Barentsz, BigRoll Beaufort and BigRoll Baffin. The Finnish Swedish 1A Ice Class MC-Class’s design is specifically suited to serve the purposes of major module marine transportation and those of transporting equipment for big energy projects onshore as well as offshore to remote locations.

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When combined the PSMR Class notation (Propulsion and Steering Machinery Redundancy) and the slender hull contribute for achieving: sustainable speed levels, reliability, sound seakeeping behavior and short transit times. The increases in the aspects of heading control result in lower acceleration forces regarding the cargo, whilst the propulsion system – hull design combination results in competitive fuel consumption levels.

The MC-Class’s deck is completely flush and is able to be employed for usage over the vessel’s total length and width. When regarding the deck strength (the deck itself is constructed up on a uniform grid consisting of bulkheads and web frames) and large ballast capacity of the ships, one comes to the conclusion that these vessels are the perfect solution for onshore as well as offshore projects revolving around heavy transportation procedures.

The MC-Class’s dynamic positioning contributes for the vessels to have unique capabilities for the carrying out of installation services and offshore transportation duties.