According to reports the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) has finalized the signing of a $1-billion contract with the biggest private shipyard in Turkey that is Sedef Shipbuilding, Inc. The contract revolves around the design and subsequent building of a LPD vessel that will be using as basis Spain’s own Navantia designed and constructed LHD Juan Carlos I.

LHD Juan Carlos I

LHD Juan Carlos I in Málaga by javicaselli / via Wikimedia Commons

Navantia will take part in the already-mentioned contract in the role of a technological partner and is going to provide the design, equipment, transfer of technology and its technical assistance in general to Sedef.

The company will also be providing a number of various systems and components, like the necessary engines and the IPMS, which stands for Integrated Platform Management System.

The appointed design is in accordance to all requirements stipulated by Turkey’s Navy.

The ship, which will have a length of 231 meters, will be able to transport 1,200 troops and personnel, along with three unmanned aerial vehicles and eight helicopters. It will also have the capability to carry 150 vehicles, and that includes battle tanks. The vessel will be equipped with a ski jump section at the deck’s front, which could be employed for the purposes of launching fighter aircrafts.

Navantia is also carrying out a contract regarding two similar vessels in Australia - the already delivered Abelaide and Canberra, that have been set for commissioning in Q4 of this current year.