Two men have been rescued after their yacht got into difficulties off the Lincolnshire coast.

Yesterday morning the small vessel, Dolphin of Rhu, issued a mayday call reporting water ingress and power loss north of the windfarm between Skegness and the River Humber.

The Humber Coastguard deployed the lifeboats Humber and Skegness to find the yacht, which had no GPS.

Meanwhile, the mayday call was registered by two windcat transfer vessels. The first one to reach the scene was the Windcat9.

“We picked up the mayday at about 7.40 – they said they couldn’t see land and were somewhere between the north of the Humber and the wind farm so we headed in that rough direction until we spotted them in the distance. They were cold and wet, and pretty relieved to see us, ” explained skipper Harold Banks.

Before handing over the situation to the RNLI teams, the Windcat9 had set a tow to start bringing the yacht to Grimbsy.

Video: officialCoastguard