Conquests holds firm beliefs that if one is to have the right tool there is no impossible task, which is embodied in the company’s effort of combining the best innovative and proven methods in preparation for the floating installation of Conquest MB1.

Thus with the engineering of Temporary Works Design (TWD) along with Barge Master, Conquest Offshore (and deugro) is here to present the efficient installation system that will serve the purposes of Transition Pieces (TPs ), Monopiles (MPs) and Pre-piling of Jackets.

The Conquest MB1 barge which has dimensions of 136 by 36 meters is a tool capable of carrying out exactly this type of work. Due to its effective skidding system it offers the option of storing three monopiles or a max of 16 Transition Pieces on its deck. Upending could be carried out either on deck or floating. Where the challenge really lies is in the MPs’ floating installation and the solution comes in the form of the motion compensated pile gripper (MCPG for short). While the pile is being hammered, hydraulic cylinders are engaged to actively compensate the barge’s surge, sway and heavy motions in order to make sure that verticality is in accordance with the appointed limits. The barge also comes along with an anti-healing system (8,300 m3/hour). Given the Conquest MB1 barge’s relative viable workability and the compensated pile gripper, we can conclude that the company has definitely created something truly innovative for the offshore wind industry.

Source: Conquest Offshore