Norway-based offshore support operator Eidesvik is carrying out an installation of a battery system aboard its Viking Queen supply vessel. She will be the very 1st offshore vessel to be equipped with a system of this type as a retrofit solution and serves as evidence that it is actually manageable to achieve a significant reduction of emission levels when regarding current existing ships.

The 6,000-ton Viking Queen operates on LNG and was constructed back in 2008. The brand new energy storage system that she is to be equipped with will have a capacity level of 650kWH and will be able to supply up to 1600kW. The vessel will manage to save approximately 18% of fuel due to the solution. Additionally, it is also due noting that CO2 and NOx emission levels are going to be decreased by roughly 25%.

This project was possible due to the co-op effort established between ZEM, which is the system supplier, Lundin Norway, who has hired the vessel, and Eidesvik. The commercialization process regarding the technology is the result of Eidesvik’s participation in the FellowSHIP research and development project, which has operated with battery technology for a time period of 5 years.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to further enhance the cooperation we have established with Lundin Norway – a company which has proven that it is always willing to put its efforts towards solutions that are more eco-friendly. Given the fact that all parties involved in our line of business are currently forced to deal with a fair amount of obstacles, we are also pleased to witness that by combining our efforts we are able to come up with solutions that contribute for the reduction of costs and for profit increases, as well as for a better environment,” commented Jan Fredrik Meling, Eidesvik CEO.

Eidesvik’s Viking Lady offshore supply vessel served as the corner stone of battery technology. The ship’s fuel cell, battery hybrid installation provides for a fuel consumption reduction in the amount of 15%, a NOx emission level reduction of 25% and a GHG emission level reduction of 30%.

Viking Lady