Antwerp Port Authority has announced that starting from June 1, the seagoing ships that use alternative technology to reduce emissions of particulates will be granted a discount in port dues of up to 30%.

Green Ships with discount in Antwerp

"Zicht op het Delwaidedok" by Arminius, Wikimedia Commons

The new advantage for green vessels comes on top of the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) discount, currently in place at 25 ports. The ESI provides credits in the range 0-100 which is based on the environmental performance of the vessel. If a vessel obtains 31+ credits, it will receive 10% discount in its port dues bill.

The discount at Antwerp can be claimed if vessels are able to prove that for a period of at least 24 hours before they call at the port they either are powered by LNG or they use scrubbers (in closed mode).

The discount for LNG-powered vessels will be 20%, five less is the discount for those that make use of closed scrubbers. In order to reward those who make the investment now, the port will gradually reduce the percentages as of next year - 15% and 10%, while for 2017 they will be down to 10% and 5% respectively.

Source: Port of Antwerp