Early this morning the Fugro’s offshore support ship, the Fugro Symphony, took fire while the vessel was in the UK harbour Peterhead.

As reported by local news media, 84 seamen were evacuated from the ship and later transferred ashore to the Fishermen's Mission in Peterhead, all safe and in a good condition.

More than 80 crew members evacuated after fire on board Fugro Symphony

Image by: Fossé-M

Around 3 am local time, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service teams were dispatched at the incident location. The fire was put under control within two hours.

Initial findings shows that the fire started in the lower decks of the ship, but it is still not known what caused it.

The 6,500-ton Fugro Symphony was built in 2011, registered under Bahamian flag. The ship is ROV support vessel specifically designed to serve deep water remote intervention, construction & survey markets.