The Russian Navy has announced the delivery of RV Yantar. The oceanographic research vessel, which was known as Project 22010, has been named after the shipyard where it was built and means “amber”.

Developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, St. Petersburg, the brand new vessel's keel was laid on the 65th anniversary of the Yantar Shipyard in July 2010.

Its length is 108 m with a 17.2 m beam. Having been designed for deepwater research, RV Yamal has entered service in the Northern Fleet of Russia. It accommodates a crew of 60, has a max speed of 15 knots is slated to be used for rescue operations as well.

Alexei Burilichev, head of the deepwater research department at the Russian Defense Ministry, commented:

“The Yantar is equipped with a unique on-board scientific research complex which enables it to collect data on the ocean environment, both in motion and on hold. There are no similar complexes anywhere.”