On May 22nd 2015, an emergency response drill was carried out in order to enforce preparedness for optimum response procedures regarding any potential maritime accidents that may lead to large-scale oil spillages.

The drill’s scenario revolved around K Line’s VLCC Yamatogawa colliding with a container carrier in the Singapore Strait when the former was en route to Fujairah. The accident produced an oil spillage due to the Yamatogawa vessel sustaining damage to its port side fuel oil tank and the spill reached all the way to Singapore islands.

Professionals from other various related companies in the field of insurance, law, consulting along with the Ship Management Company underwent a active co-op effort and enrolled as participants in the exercise drill.

When the drill officially concluded, a mock press conference was carried out along the lines of the full drill proceedings. K Line President Murakami, Managing Executive Officer Misaki, Senior Managing Executive Officer Kadono, as well as Ship Management Company’s (KLSM) President Saito were present at a Q&A session for the purposes of briefing the press. There were a lot of questions by the appointed dignitaries and staff members in order to make the procedure more realistic and natural.

Source: K Line