Halo Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) made an announcement that the company has successfully managed to finish installing the first-of-its-kind fully automated marine gate at an Israel-based naval base. The gate is able to fully complete the security perimeter as it spans the whole breakwater-to-breakwater length of the opening to the base. The barrier is retracted via a push of one button and thus vessels are allowed to pass through.

“In most scenarios, a base of this type have a well-secured waterside opening via the use of surveillance cameras and even patrol vessels but this is the first instance in which security is achieved through a proven, automated 24/7 protective gate. The gate provides easy access while at the same time manages to offer an unparalleled level of security, and a much lower life-cycle cost when compared to some of its alternatives with a Return on Investment (ROI) in a time period of less than two years,” commented Brendan Gray, HDMS President, who is also a 30-year US Navy veteran, having to bare responsibilities regarding the force protection of 8 naval bases that are based in the Mediterranean and Europe.

The HMDS Guardian® Gate’s development took two years and was carried out with the help and support of the University of New Hampshire’s Ocean Engineering Program and the U.S. Navy. The HALO barrier, has a 15-year design life, and is the single world barrier to have received validation in an independent, fully instrumented crash test trial conducted by the U.S. Navy. Among the applications for this innovative technology are oil and gas assets, ports and harbors, nuclear power plants and numerous other rather sensitive waterside infrastructures.

“I am nothing but proud to have this opportunity to work with a company that has managed to develop, what in my opinion is the absolute answer to all threat-related issues posed by small boats regarding strategically located and sensitive waterside assets all around the world – military ones, commercial ones, and why not even residential ones,” commented former Pennsylvania Governor and First Secretary U.S. Department of Homeland Security and an HMDS advisor, Tom Ridge.

Source: PRNewswire