Hiab, which is part of Cargotec, made an announcement regarding the launching of the HIAB Z-PRO 171 and the HIAB Z-HiPro 191. The cranes come along the lines of the brand new HIAB Z-series and are capable of being folded into a Z position and thus parked behind the drivers’ cab with all of the tools still being in an attached mode. This turns them into the only model of cranes on the market that is completely optimized for the purposes of proper transportation, all the while complying with the latest legislation, as commented by the company via a press statement.

The cranes of the Z-series feature a special design for applications where the requirements call for a proper level of speed, a high number of load cycles and a decent amount of efficiency. For example, users that deal with digging, filling, handling of waste and other various light tool procedures are now going to carry out the given job significantly faster. The cranes demonstrate a faster level of operating as well as a higher level of efficiency due to their clean and innovatively designed boom system, via which the hose-routing and the chain driven extension system are mounted internally.

Additionally, the HPL link that is established between the crane’s tip and tool contribute for the proper protecting of the hoses, thus resulting in the prevention of down time and uncalled for expenditures.

“By launching the Z-series cranes we are able to fill another significant gap and contribute for having a broader range of products. This is a really important step going forward for our aspirations of becoming a benchmark in the industry and guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction,” commented Carl Gustaf Cöransson, Sales and Markets’ Senior Vice President.

This model of cranes is the only one on the market that is able to remain with truck cabin measures while also being in a parked position with all the tools in an attached mode. This results in the cancellation of the otherwise time-consuming task of attaching and subsequently detaching tools to the tip of the crane. The new design also translates to the fact that now the driver will have a much easier time covering the load during its respective transportation as well as manage to comply with the newest legislation requirements.

“I would describe the Z-series of cranes as being ‘generalists’, as they are able to handle any task whatsoever – you would be correct if you decide and label them as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of cranes. We have developed them with the needs of our clients in mind and by striving towards the complete satisfaction of those said needs. Given their tough design which greatly enhances the legendary quality HIAB is known for, they are able to provide a consistent and reliable level of productivity,” Göransson further elaborated.