Offshore vessels designer and ship manufacturer Vard Holdings has initiated a new cutting-edge project in the field of ship designs.

The project, titled "A step forward", focuses on various design innovations that are developed with a special emphasis on the aspects of user-friendliness, safety, operability, fuel economy, functionally, cost efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Three of the Singapore-listed Vard Holdings’ specialized companies – Vard Design, Vard Accommodation and Vard Electro have started a co-op effort with the Montaag design agency’s Per Iver Selvaag for the developing of an array of products and various concepts.

The brand new concept design focuses on producing a cockpit bridge with a compact, but purposeful and sufficient environment that comes along with a 360° ocean view that provides the vessel’s captain with a panoramic view regarding the ship’s operational procedures. Additionally, the innovative design concept contributes for separating the cockpit bridge and the operation decks in order to provide proper space for the crew members and clients without having to interrupt the captain.

The new SeaQ Cabin features a design that adds a sense of privacy, which is to contribute for increasing the quality of recreation, as it also comes along with working areas and respectively leisure ones that are logically positioned and separated from one another in order to guarantee that the crew is well-rested when required. The project is currently being displayed at the Nor-Shipping exhibition that is taking place in Oslo.

Vard Holding Initiates Innovative Project

Image: Vard