A sector of the Houston Ship Channel had to be shut down on Wednesday due to a naphtha spillage from a barge, but it was reopened later on at 2:08 pm local time (1908 GMT), as commented by a U.S. Coast Guard official.

Due to the barge spill that occurred at a Chevron facility, all vessel traffic established between Light 152 and Greensport was put on a hold.

Houston Ship Channel Operational Again Following Partial Closure Due To Leakage

The effect of the shutdown, which took place close to the Adams terminal, was felt by three vessels, as reported by a Houston Pilots dispatcher.

As of the moment there have not been any details regarding the spillage, a spokesperson for Chevron has stated that he is looking into the potential causes for the accident.

Local media has reported that approximately 4000-8000 gallons of naphtha were spilt when a barge turning near Greensport Industrial Park collided with a barge that was moored at a Chevron facility, thus ripping the incision which itself led to the leakage. Officials managed to contain the leak shortly after.