Russia's Yasen-class nuclear submarines series are going to be completed by 2023, as confirmed by the CEO of the Malakhit Marine Engineering Design Bureau, Vladimir Dorofeyev.

"In accordance with the state armaments program, the project to build a series of seven submarines will be completed after 2023," he stated for Tass.

The seven vessels from the series are believed to be the world's “stealthiest submarines.” The Yasen-class submarines will be 119 m in length, 13.5 in width and 9.4 in height. The maximum speed of the vessels will be 16 knots surfaced and 31 knots submerged.

In 2013, the first submarine of the Yasen-class multipurpose nuclear submarines, the Severodvinsk, was put into service with Russia's operations.

Having been developed by the Malakhit Design Bureau, the Yasen-class submarines are touted as a deserving counterpart to the U.S. Navy's Virginia- and Seawolf-class submarines.

According to its designers, the submarines in the class are quieter than the Project 971 Akula and the Seawolf nuclear submarine. Furthermore, the new class outperforms those vessels with the weapons at its disposal - several types of cruise missile and torpedo.