The all new multi-function Powerhouse Tug & Barge (PTB) system is an innovative design offering a swift utilization of the barge’s electric propulsion and a tugboat equipped with a set of generators, serving as a power pack.

The concept at hand differs with the traditional ATB (Articulated Tug & Barge) by two basic aspects – the first one being that although the barge is going to be equipped with electrical propulsion gear aboard, the propulsion power is actually going to derive from the tug, which will act as a powerhouse, and the second one being that the Powerhouse Tug is going to have a connection with the barge via its respective bow, and not by its stern and the barge is going to push it when propelling. All control-related systems will be located aboard the Powerhouse Tug.

The concept’s most significant advantage is that the tug may offer a design suitable for it to be used as a traditional tow boat, a pusher in an ATB configuration, and also in the role of a Powerhouse Tug in a PTB configuration scenario, serving a large array of vessels and barges. The barge itself may be designed for the purposes of achieving the highest level of propulsive efficiency with a ship shape stern.