The Houston Port Authority accounted for handling over 16 million tons of cargo during 2015’s first five months, which demonstrated a 9% increase when compared to last year’s period.

Activity at the Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals also continues to display an accelerating growth level, with a 23% increase of loaded containers versus the amount accounted in May of last year.

While giving his report at the regular monthly Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority meeting, Rogert Guenther, who serves the role of Executive Director, also emphasized on the USD 66 million in cash flow that were generated in May, again an increase in the amount of 47% when compared to last year’s period.

Guenther later on addressed several infrastructure projects initiated by the Houston Port Authority. He commented that all procedures related to the deepening and widening of the Barbours Cut channel are to be finished at the end of July.

Guenther also focused on a design contract for the Barbours Cut Container Terminal Wharf №2, addressing important issues regarding the safe navigation of the bigger container carriers that are going to load and unload cargo via the four new cranes provided by the terminal.