Russia plans on initiating trials for its all new sonar at its Northern Fleet by the end of this current year. The powerful sonar has the capability to detect fourth generation nuclear submarines.

The Batereya (Battery) sonar’s transmitter/receiver unit is going to be lowered to a depth level of approximately 300 meters off the White Sea coast in order to detect submarine sounds and transmit the data up through a fiber optic cable, commented Sergei Tsygankov, one of the designers behind the new sonar.

“We decided to opt in for this exact method of transmitting data due to the fact that there is no Western country that has the necessary means to pick up info travelling via an underwater fiber optic cable,” he further commented.

The new sonar is also special because it has the ability to single out submarine noise from that of waves, marine creatures etc..

“New generation submarines often display a lower level of noise compared to the natural soundscape. The Americans prefer listening in during a dead calm, the Batereya, however, is going to complete its tasks under any conditions,” Tsygankov pointed out.

The Batereya was not designed to pick up the sound of enemy submarines, it was intended to test the sound levels of the Russian submarines.

“The new sonar system is going to provide our sub builders with an opportunity to single out the noisier elements of the vessel they have constructed and allow for them to be fixed.”

Source: Sputnik