Disney released a trailer for its new movie that is based on the true story of the heroic U.S. Coast Guard rescue of 32 seafarers aboard the SS Pendleton vessel.

Back in the winter of 1952, a crew, consisting of four seafarers, from the USCG fought against waves going as high as 600 feet and winds of 70 knots to save the men trapped in an oil tanker’s stern section after one of the most devastating Nor’Easter gales on record had torn the ship in two. The appointed team managed to save the men using merely a 36-foot wooden motorized boat in what turned out to be one of the most daring rescue operations ever carried out in Coast Guard history.

The incident took place on the 18th of February whilst the vessel was coming off of Cape Cod. Early in the morning the vessel was snapped in two by huge waves and a fierce snow fall. The vessel’s captain and seven crew members sank in the ship’s bow section. Reports following the accident commented that the tanker had been built with “dirty steel”, which did not manage to cope with the heavy winds.

The Fines Hours tells this fascinating story from the U.S. Coast Guard men’s perspective as well as from that of the desperate seafarers that were stranded aboard the tanker.

The movie uses as basis Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman’s 2009 bestseller. Craig Gillespie’s been appointed as the movie’s director and it is set to be released worldwide on January 29th, next year.