The Netherlands based shipping company VROON organised a launching ceremony for the Gloucester Express, which is the fifth in a series of seven innovative livestock carriers the company had ordered at China’s Cosco.


The ceremony took place at the Cosco Shipyard in Guangdong (China) on Saturday, July 11.

The vessel is designed to have a cargo capacity of approximately 4,500 sqm (approx 4,000 head of cattle at 350 kg/head) and a cruising range of approx. 18,000 NM, sufficient for a voyage from Brazil to China and back without refuelling.

Cosco Shipyard launches new generation livestock carrier for Vroon

Image: Cosco Shipyard

The livestock carrier will be fitted with animal welfare services (ventilation / watering / feeding) that exceed Australian (AMSA) regulations which are considered to be the world’s most stringent.

The new-building is expected to be delivered to the company later this year. The other four livestock carriers have already been delivered and are trading successfully.