ReCAAP Information Sharing Center has issued a report including infographics and data of the piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia for the first half of this year (January - June 2015).

According to data provided by ReCAAP there is an 18% increase in the piracy incidents, compared to Jan-Jun 2014.

ReCAAP: 18% increase in piracy incidents during first half of 2015

Image: ReCAAP

From the beginning of this year, a total of 106 incidents have been reported in the Asia region.

More than the half - 56 % of all piracy attack - have happened in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

In the report are included 10 very severe incidents of ship fuel or oil siphoning and hijacking.

The increase of piracy incidents in the first half of the year signals the urgency and importance of more need to be done by authorities, shipping industry and the ReCAAP ISC towards improvements in the coming 2nd half of 2015.

ReCAAP Infographic Report on piracy and armed robbery in Asia

The ReCAAP Information Sharing Center continues to work closely with its Focal Points and regional authorities to ensure timely sharing of information, enhanced patrol/presence and effective responses to render assistance to victim ships.

Collective and concerted efforts are essential to address the increasing incidents of siphoning/ hijacking of ships through collaboration and cooperation with our stakeholders; including INTERPOL leveraging on its expertise on transnational and syndicate crimes.