The Intertanko global tanker association has issued demands for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC) to overturn a ban that has effected 113 tanker vessels.

The ban was imposed on July 15th in the form of a directive from President Muhammadu Buhari, in what many traders believe might be part of his efforts aimed at cracking down and preventing illegal crude oil trading activity.

In a letter written by Michael White, group general manager, NNPC crude oil marketing division, Intertanko general counsel, addressed to Gbenga O. Komolafe, it was said that:

“Intertanko is to strongly protest the imposed bans and believes that they should be lifted immediately till grounds and sufficient evidence regarding the ban have been provided to every single vessel and vessel owner and/or operator, and the respective owner and/or operator has been given an opportunity of responding.”

White further questioned the ban regarding these particular vessels, due to the fact that a large portion of them had never even been engaged in trading activities with the West African nation.

Intertanko Voices Important Questions Regarding Nigerian Tanker Ban

Photo: Manuchar Kakhidze

“Owners and operators alike are having difficulty understanding what exact policies and/or requirements they have unknowingly infringed,” White further wrote.

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