On Wednesday evening, Eimskip’s M/V Lagarfoss container carrier reported experiencing a malfunction while travelling to Reykjavik, at about 70 nautical miles south east off Iceland.


Photo: Vigfús Markússon

The Iceland-based shipping company commented that the malfunction was related to the steering gear of the vessel.

There was, however, no risk of injuring the crew or damaging the cargo or the vessel itself given that the weather was favorable.

The crew of the ship managed to contact the Icelandic Coast Guard in order for them to assist the vessel to the pre-designated location under her own power.

In the morning of July 22nd, the Thor Coast Guard vessel met with M/V Lagarfoss to provide its assistance for the latter to reach her destination. Expectations are for the ship to arrive in Reykjavik today.

“The steering gear’s manufacturer took the decision of replacing some of its parts, during a recent guarantee dry-docking of the ship that took place in Hamburg. The manufacturer’s actions were based on his own decision to do so. There is a high chance that the malfunction occurred due to the gear manufacturer’s course of action and it is strictly his responsibility,” commented Eimskip via a press release.

“When the vessel arrives it is going to be immediately subjected to repairs and we have hopes that she is going to be on schedule again without having to deal with much delay,” added the company.

The 11,811-ton container carrier was constructed back in 2014 and currently operates under Antigua Barbuda’s flag.