On August 2nd, the chemical/ oil products tanker GRANATO was put under quarantine in El Ferrol, La Coruna (Spain) after one of its crew members died presumably from contagious disease.

Tanker under quarantine in Spain after one crew died from infectious disease

Image: Wolfgang Berthel

The crew asked for medical assistance while the ship was at sea sailing from Leixoes Portugal to El Ferrol, reporting that crew member with Indian nationality died from what they believe, cardiac seizure.

After the body was transferred to a hospital, where an autopsy was performed to find out the cause of death, the specialist made the conclusion that it was an infection disease.

The court in Vigo ordered the ship to be put under quarantine, nobody to be allowed to leave or board the vessel, except the authorised personnel.

Last ports of call are Leixoes, Rotterdam and Antwerp. The quarantine period will last one or two days, depending on medical research results. Granato’s crew includes crewmembers of Indian, Italian and Australian nationalities.