Montreal and Quebec City to install shore power

By Finance

The port authorities of Montreal and Quebec have announced that during the next few years shore power will become available at the two ports.

The installations will be co-funded by the Government of Canada as part of its air pollution reduction programmes.

Two types of systems will be installed by the Montreal Port Authority. There will be a system for cruise ships at the Alexandra Pier and a four connection shore power system at the wharves where Great Lakes and other ships spend the winter.

Great Lakes ships

Photo: Chris R.

It is expected that the two projects will cut annually about 2,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

The cost of the projects is estimated to about $11 million. The governments will provide nearly $8 million, the rest $3 million will be provided by the Montreal Port Authority.

The Quebec Port Authority will install shore power facilities at its Pointe-a-Carcy terminal for the price of about $12.5 million. It is expected that the government will cover about two thirds of it.