More than 1,500 migrants have been rescued by the Italian Coast Guard in just a day.

The seven different operations took place yesterday (August 11) off the Libyan coast. The migrant were found on board three barges and four inflatable boats.

Among the rescued, over 200 were women and more than 40 were children. The rescue operation was supported by Swedish and Irish vessels. So far, the authorities have arrested four on charges of human traffic.

A week ago, over 200 migrants of North Africa died when a fishing boat with about 700 people sunk in the Mediterranean Sea.

Reports of the International Organization for Migration show that the undocumented migration for 2015 has reached the excessive number of 900,000. This makes the migrant rescues a near daily event in the Mediterranean Sea.

So far over 2,000 of those willing to travel to Europe have lost their lives.

Take a closer look at how the Italian Coast Guard rescues a total of 671 migrants including dozens of children in a video by Reuters: