A Japanese fishing boat collided with a tanker off Mihama, Wakayama Prefecture in Japan on Sunday, August 23rd.

The local Coast Guard authority reported the incident on Sunday, informing about a 38-old crew member missing after the collision between both vessels.

Collision off Mihama, Japan; One crew missing

Image: blogs.yahoo.co.jp

The collision between the 13.5-ton fishing vessel Konpira Maru and the 498-ton tanker Shoyo Maru occurred some 3.7 kilometres off the Japanese town of Mihama.

According to Coast Guard report, the fishing vessel capsized after the collision, two crew members were thrown out of the boat and went missing. One of the seamen was rescued later, while the other is still missing.

There is no report for other injured people or any damages on the tanker Shoyo Maru.

The tanker operated by Meiwa Kaiun Co. was en route to Kawasaki, laden with 300 tons of liquid petrochemicals.