Seven workers have been injured in a major fire erupted in a dry dock No8 at Daewoo Shipbuilding Okpo Shipyard in Geoje. The incident occurred at around 09:00 am local time on August 24.

A pair of VLGC ships, which were under construction in the DSME shipyard were engulfed by the fire. All workers in the area were evacuated, but 7 people were injured in the rapidly spreading flames.

There is no information what caused the fire, but initial speculation suggests it was caused by a welder working on the inside of one of the ships.

During the day, huge plumes of black smoke was visible into the sky over the shipyard. The local fire department was trying to take control over the fire for most of the day.

The extent of the damage to both ships and the drydock is still unknown.

The fire accident in DSME shipyard happened in time of financial instability in the South Korean shipbuilding company, which may worsen the financial crisis.