An all new pipe repair system developed for minimizing downtime and maintenance-related costs while managing to help protect crew and assets World Wide Metric unveiled its Rapid Repair Clamp, which is basically a took striving to help personnel in their efforts of repairing pipe leaks or bursts in order to prevent costly damages in situations of emergency.

The Rapid Repair Clamp’s installation is fast and fairly easy, and it contributes for quick repairs regarding pipe leaks and/or bursts. It comes as especially useful when every single second matters.

Its self-contained design provides for installing it by one person in a time frame of less than 60 seconds without having to use any sort of tools. Tests performed by the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Government of Defense determined that the Rapid Repair Clamp is five times faster when compare to standard repair clamps, as reported by the manufacturer.

It is made from marine-grade stainless steel and provides a tight seal for steam, water, gas and the majority of chemical/petroleum liquids. It is perfectly suited for commercial applications like oil and gas, marine, food processing, plumbing and emergency services.

It comes in four different widths and a number of diameters, thus is able to fit a range of pipes – from 38mm to 930mm (1.5” to 36”) – and provides the option of being applied to pressurized pipes of a maximum of 20 bars. The Rapid Repair Clamp is reusable and is thus quite versatile and cost-efficient.

In the video below you can see how the Rapid Repair Clamp works: