d’Amico International Shipping S.A. , one of the leading companies in the international transport of refined products and vegetable oils, launched two eco-ships today (Oct 6) at the shipyards of Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard Co. Ltd – Vietnam, bringing the fleet to a record number of over 50 units.

The vessels Cielo di Ulsan, a handysize Ice Class of 39,000 tons and High Trader, a medium range 50,000 tons product tanker showcase innovative design aimed at offering incredible versatility in type of transport, elevated performance in terms of energy efficiency and consumption and an impressive reduction of emissions, allowing them to already meet the international standards that will come into force in 2025.

d’Amico International launches two eco-ships in Vietnam: fleet exceeds 50 ships

Image: damicoship

With the addition of the two ships, the DIS fleet now comprises 51.83 double-hull tankers, with an average age of 7,6 years, of which 25.33 vessels owned and 26.50 chartered (decimal numbers due to ships in joint ventures with other companies).

The two eco-ships, worth a total of more than 62 million dollars, are a part of the maxi 755 million dollar investment plan that DIS launched in 2012 and which includes, to date, a total of 22 high performance vessels, of which 10 already delivered.

DIS already assigned the ships to two major international oil companies at the time of the order, under time-charter contracts, one lasting 30 months and the other three years, managing to anticipate the extraordinary global demand in the transport of refined petroleum products, today favoured both by the transfer of refineries (from the main consuming regions to oil production areas) and the decreasing of crude oil prices.

Cielo di UIsan is built with structures allowing navigation in presence of ice, and features equipment and systems capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -20°C. This 183m long and 29m wide handysize vessel will be used above all for routes in Northern Europe, the Arctic and the Northern Sea. This is the first model of a group of 4 ships that will join the DIS fleet, resulting from the joint work of the engineers of the d’Amico Group and the shipyard of Hyundai Vinashin.

High Trader, 183m long and 32m wide, is instead the “twin” of two other vessels already delivered to DIS and highly appreciated by oil companies for their ability to guarantee average savings of 6 tons of fuel per day (with ship fully loaded and a constant speed of 14 knots) and consequently a 20% reduction in Co2 emissions. Moreover, the profitability of the ship is driven by its great commercial versatility: High Trader can in fact carry up to nine different types of cargo during the same trip.

Cielo di Ulsan and High Trader are equipped with systems for the treatment of ballast water so as to minimise the impact on marine ecosystems and comply with IMO3 and IMO2 requirements.

DIS has currently other 12 new eco-ships, including 3 Handysize, 3 medium-range and 6 LR1, under construction.

Source: setcorp.ru