A livestock carrier capsized and sank while berthed at Porto Vila do Conde in Barcarena, Brazil, leaving cattle stranded on top of the overturned hull.

Livestock carrier capsizes in Brazilian port leaving cattle stranded

Image: g1.globo.com / Renato Pereira/ Arquivo pessoal

Some 5,000 animals were onboard the Lebanon-flagged Haidar (6,419 dwt, built 1994; pictured) at the time of the sinking, which happened within two hours of the vessel capsizing, local reports say.

Image: diarioonline.com.br / Divulgação

The vessel reportedly developed a list while moored at the berth, but the crew were evacuated before the ship turned over.

Haidar is owned by Lebanese company A Sleiman Co & Sons and commercially managed by Beirut-based Tamara Shipping, according to Equasis. The manager has six livestock carriers in its fleet.

The Bacarena Port Authority is to launch an inquiry into the incident to ascertain the cause of the sinking. The report is expected to be published in around 90 days’ time.

In July, a 30-year-old livestock carrier sunk in the Gulf of Aden, killing all the animals onboard and two of the 29 crew. Another livestock carrier caught fire in May while carrying 634 cows to East Kalimantan in Indonesia.

Source: splash247.com