Dredger vessel Perla sank in Reykjavík harbour this morning (Nov 02) after just setting out to sea. Everyone on board was rescued and the incident was declared to be a "human error" by managing director of the Slippurinn harbour area, Bjarni Thoroddsen.

Ship sinks in Reykjavik harbour

Images: mbl.is/Rax / Ragnar Axelsson

In an interview with local news media mbl.is he explains that shutters in the hull of the ship had not been closed, causing the vessel to sink.

It is not clear what the extent of the damage to Perla is but at noon the tide will go out which means that it will be accessible to pump seawater out of the hull. Perla is the smallest dredger vessel at Slippurinn, and is used to pump sand out of the harbour floor.

After divers have inspected damage to the vessel today, attempts will be made to get it afloat again. The Reykjavik fire department is constructing an enclosure to the area to prevent any further pollution.

Source: icelandmonitor.mbl.is