Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has announced the start of full operation of the "Enekarte" tablet computer-based vessel inspection system developed in cooperation with Azbil Corporation , a major Japanese provider of instrumentation devices.

MOL introduces tablet computer system for onboard inspection

The system features digitalized inspection checklists, many of which have been used onboard, to improve the efficiency and quality of inspection operations.

This makes it easy to collect inspection results as data. Accumulated data is analyzed and used for safe operation, education and training, and technology development, ensuring the safe, reliable transportation of customers' cargo.

Advantages of electronic checklists:

Digitalizing inspection results

- Data is graphed, making it easy to track changes over time;
- Abnormalities detected can immediately be stored as photo and video images;
- Inspection results can be displayed immediately, leading to smoother communication among crewmembers;
- Data can be transmitted from onboard to the safe operation management database on shore;
- Checklists can be utilized as crew education and training tools;
- Audiovisual data helps prevent abnormalities from being overlooked;

Reducing crews' workload

- Eliminates the need for paper forms, reducing waste generated onboard;
- Easy to carry, so inspectors can move around the ship safely and efficiently;
- Inspectors can easily check various guidelines and rules in work areas;