Quark Expeditions cruise ship, Ocean Endeavour , sustained damage from ice in Antarctica, forcing the line to cancel the vessel's next sailing.

Quark Expeditions Cruise ship sustains damage in Antarctica

Image: QuarkExpeditions

There were no passenger or crew injuries during the incident, which occurred near the South Shetland Islands at 3:30 a.m. Sunday (November 15). The vessel was carrying 167 passengers from 24 countries; all of them remain safely onboard.

Debarkation took place yesterday (Nov 16) in Ushuaia, Argentina, at the regularly scheduled time, the line said in a statement. While the ship master performed temporary repairs to ensure the vessel's safe passage north, Ocean Endeavour will need to undergo repairs and a Maritime Authority inspection.

That means the line has canceled the ship's next sailing. Passengers booked on the sailing are being given a full refund, and the company will also cover flight costs not reimbursed by travel insurance, up to $500 per person. If passengers want to rebook for the current season, Quark will move them to other Antarctica sailings, including those that are longer, at no additional cost, or rebook for next year at the same price they paid this year.

Source: cruisecritic.com