Tugs prevented the tanker Key Marmara from running onto the dam at the mouth of the New Waterway from the North Sea to the port of Rotterdam on Nov 21, 2015.

The ship had suffered engine failure in pos. 51°.59.01 N 004°.02.03 E.

Video: Tugs prevented serious incident after engine failure of tanker Key Marmaris near Rotterdam

Although the anchors were dropped, the tanker threatened to hit the wall in swells of up to two meters and six Beaufort wind at 2.20 p.m local time.

Tugs which were escorting the Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Stena Hollandica towards the North Sea, could get the ship under control at 2.34 p.m. only ten meters from the stone blocks of the south jetty.

Also the KNRM boat Jeanine Parqui of the Station Hoek van Holland and the Pilot tender Aquila provided assistance.
The tanker has been towed towards Vlaardingen, where it was being checked after having berthed at Vopak.

Source: knrm.nl