French liner giant CMA CGM said that it has achieved a 50% improvement in its CO2 performance for its owned fleet.

“Thanks to an efficient environmental policy sustained by deploying innovative solutions, this success was accomplished in 10 years,” the company added.

CMA CGM Cuts Its Carbon Footprint by 50Pct

Image: cma-cgm

Today, a container emits approximately 60 grams of CO2 per kilometer, compared to 120 grams in 2005. The group said that its best-performing ships emit 37 grams of CO2 per container transported, such as the CMA CGM Bougainville which can carry up to 200,000 tons of goods in 18,000 containers.

CMA CGM has opted for various actions so as to cut its environmental footprint, which included redesigning of its vessels structure, by improving their hydrodynamics, thus reducing their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

These took the form of new bulbous bows that have been installed in order to adapt the hydrodynamics of the ships to the new reduced sailing speed, optimization of propellers, development of the Fast Oil Recovery System, and equipping its vessels with ballast water systems.