After its departure from port of Papenburg in Germany on Thursday (Dec 3), around 6 p.m. local time the general cargo ship EMSMOON allided with the Ems bridge of the Leer-Groningen railway in Weener at 6.20 p.m.

Cargo ship EMSMOON allided with Ems bridge in Papenburg, Germany; Bridge severely damaged

Image by: / Mentrup

The ship got entangled into the bridge in a way that the tug Gerd Bliede first failed to pull the ship out.

The EMSMOON, which suffered some damage at the foreship in the accident, was pulled out, escorted and moored back in Papenburg at around 11 p.m

Obviously the bascule bridge had not opened when the outgoing ship approached. The bascule was severely bent and pushed away by the cargo ship which had a pilot on board at the time of the accident, parts of it were torn off, others crashed into the river.

The bridge had to be closed for the railway traffic for uncertain time, also the Ems was barred for ship traffic.

General cargo ship Emsmoon damaged after allision with EMS bridge in Papensburg, Germany on December 3, 2015

EMS Bridge damaged in Papenburg, Germany after allision with general cargo ship Emsmoon on Dec 3, 2015.