BMT Asia Pacific and BMT ARGOSS, subsidiaries of BMT Group Ltd, have been appointed by Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Group (HKND Group) to undertake a series of marine and port assessments for the Nicaragua Canal.

The signing ceremony was held in the headquarters of HKND Group in Hong Kong. From left to right in the photo, Li Wenjie (CEO Representative and CAO of HKND Group), John Murray (Senior Advisor of HKND Group), Pang Kwok Wai (Executive Vice President of HKND Group), and Dr Richard D Colwill (Managing Director at BMT Asia Pacific). Photograph: HKND Group

BMT will assist the development and validation of the Canal’s design and operations through a structured framework.

“Our Study will seek to articulate a solution that minimizes canal excavation while ensuring adequate canal capacity and safety,” said Dr Richard D Colwill, Managing Director at BMT Asia Pacific.

“A crucial part of that solution involves sophisticated navigation and transport simulation, which will set the basis for identifying a design that balances excavation CAPEX with operational safety, efficiency and capacity.”

Map of Nicaragua Canal Project

Navigation simulators recreate typical scenarios that a ship master would experience and BMT’s proprietary simulator, REMBRANDT, is widely recognized by the shipping sector for its accurate and detailed recreations of the navigation environment.

“Through REMBRANDT, BMT will provide early and decisive insight on potential marine constraints, enabling us to identify appropriate mitigation and optimization measures – be it physical or operational in nature,” Captain Paul Morter of BMT ARGOSS said.

In addition to carrying out operational assessments, BMT will also update the business case for the Canal’s Pacific and Caribbean ocean ports.