Federal accident investigators Sunday (Jan 03) released the first images of the wreckage of the freighter El Faro, which sank in an October hurricane near Bermuda with 33 mariners aboard and no survivors.

WATCH: First Video Images Of Sunken Freighter El Faro

The images of the sunken ship 15,000 feet deep show a breach in the El Faro's hull and its main navigation tower missing.

Crews did locate one of the missing decks about a half-mile away from the main ship. Images show it resting on the seafloor, its windows broken out.

The ship's stern, or rear end, was buried more deeply than the bow, or front.

"There were no human remains found whatsoever, and no personal effects whatsoever," the National Transportation Safety Board's Tom Roth-Roffy said. "I think we found one boot."

He said the NTSB is considering another search in an attempt to locate the ship's "black box," which would have recorded the captain's final transmissions.

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