SENER technology and engineering group has designed an LNG bunker-supply vessel with IMO Type C LNG cargo tanks at 4.5 bar that reduce to a minimum the steam generated in the tanks and incorporating a boil-off gas management system.

Sener designs LNG bunker-supply ship

Image: Sener

The company says the storage system allows greater flexibility of operation, reducing the effects of sloshing to allow partial loads and making it possible for the vessel to navigate, manoeuvre and operate in all weathers.

The propulsion uses LNG as fuel, with type C tanks positioned on deck and features articulated arms for STS bunkering that feature a high level of automation and control, including an innovative measuring system to maximise accuracy in measuring the transference rate, in line with SIGTTO, OCIMF and IGC regulations.

The company said: “Sener has developed the LNG-bunkering vessel, obtaining an optimised design… oriented to the operation, security and effectiveness. Special interest is put on the elements necessary to measure the transference rate, [a] parameter of high importance in this type of ship, and on the study of the security of the facilities (HAZID) and the security of the operation (HAZOP) at the conceptual engineering stage.”

The ship specifications are:

Length: 114.8m
Moulded breadth: 20.4m
Moulded depth: 8.5m
Draught: 5.7m
Speed: 15 knots
MCR: 6,000kw
Capacity: 8000m3
Number of tanks: two
Material tanks: 9% Ni steel
DNV-GL: 1 Al, +Tanker for liquefied gas, GAS FUELLED, Ship type 2G, (independent tank Type C, 4.5 bar, -163ºC, 650 kg/m3), ESP, BIS, SBM, BWM, E0, ECHO, NAUT-AW, Recyclable, ECA