ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor Ltd. (ZOMC) says Zhen Hua 30, the world’s largest self-propelled single boom crane vessel, has set a world record by lifting 13,200 metric tons (14,551 tons) during testing.

Heavy-lift vessel sets world record during testing (Video)

After completing integration of the 12 DP-II thrusters, final commissioning began at ZPMC’s Chanxiang base in December.

Throughout January, Zhen Hua 30 completed a series of lifting tests and verified the as-built capacity of the main hook with a 7,700-ton (6,985-metric ton) lift in revolving mode and a 13,200-metric ton lift in tieback mode.

In addition to ABS, the testing was witnessed by several domestic and international clients as well as Chinese and Korean government officials to confirm completion of the lifting testing.

The Zhen Hua 30 has an overall length of 297.6 m (976.4 ft), a breadth of 58 m (190 ft), and a depth of 28.8 m (94.5 ft). It can accommodate 380 people.

ZOMC is a strategic joint venture between ZPMC Offshore Services Group and OffshoreTech LLC.

Approaching ZOMC Zhen Hua 30 in Chanxiang Base from Ryan on Vimeo.

ZPMC Offshore Services Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) and OffshoreTech LLC (OTL) have formed a strategic joint venture, ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor Ltd. The new JV is slated to pursue top-tier offshore T&I projects and decommissioning projects, while providing access to unique niche vessels and engineering for execution of a broad range of complex offshore projects.

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