On Feb 9, 2016, at 6 p.m.LT the general cargo ship Perseus, while enroute from Odense to Kiel, was in danger of an allision with the Eastern pylon of the the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.

Cargo ship PERSEUS on collision course with Great Belt Bridge

Image: Wolfgang Berthel

The bridge, between Danish islands of Zealand and Funen, was closed to traffic in both directions for a few minutes on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority after the automatic alarm of the bridge was activated.

Traffic Control Center contacted the vessel, warning the bridge on a dangerous course, and Perseus changed the course to a safe one, reportedly minutes before possible collision.

A vessel of the Danish Navy, which was in the area, was sent to the Perseus to investigate the matter, regarding a possible engine failure, navigation fault or other reasons for the incident. For this purpose, the cargo ship was advised to drop anchor off Agersø island.

Source: FleetMon