Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar (HMGoG) invited on Friday (Mar 18) proposals for the design and construction of a Land Fuel storage facility in Gibraltar.

The need for Land Storage to support and enhance Port activities has been an issue that has been alive for some years and this process will evaluate in some detail with interested parties the possibilities for the provision of this in Gibraltar. Government will focus extensively on safety and environmental issues to ensure any facility meets the highest standards possible. Government will take expert advice on proposals received at the early evaluation stage. Proposals are invited before the 22nd April 2016.

This project will enable Government to carry out a general review of its Port facilities and the use of land generally.

Gibraltar to Consider Proposals for Land Based Storage Facilities for Marine Fuels

Image: Gibraltar Port Authority

Minister for the Port the Hon Paul Balban commented, “For many years we have talked of the need for land storage facilities and considered many different options. I am pleased that we are now focusing on this possibility and encouraged by the interest we have received to date. I am looking forward to working towards making this facility a reality, safeguarding the Port’s reputation for the highest operational standards. Bringing this project to life will help the Port to further consolidate its position as the premier bunkering hub in the Mediterranean, as the shipping world enters a new phase of increasingly stringent environmental protection measures.”

All enquiries should be directed to robyne.fa@port.gov.gi at the Gibraltar Port Authority on tel: +350 200 46254 Ext. 1005 or at their offices at the address below.

Interested parties should note that at this stage submissions need only be initial expressions of interest but should include basic details of any concepts including preliminary layout plans, sketches and proposed berthing/mooring locations for refuelling vessels, bunker barges and supply vessels. They should also detail the uses of particular areas and the premium that would be offered should the submission be selected by HMGoG for further negotiation and discussion. HMGoG reserves the right to negotiate the level of premium.

This is not a Tender process. A process of consultation and negotiation will follow with parties that submit ideas or concepts which are of interest to HMGoG. Such concepts, ideas or proposals may need to evolve or be adapted as discussions or negotiations move forward.

Outline layout plans and details should be submitted with letters of interest. These should be marked “Land Based Storage Expressions of Interest” and submitted, sealed and addressed, to HM Government of Gibraltar and deposited in the Expressions of Interest Box situated at the Ministry of Maritime Services, Suite 771, Europort, Gibraltar, not later than noon on Friday 22nd April 2016. Envelopes will remain sealed until after the closing date. HMGoG reserves the right to reject any or all submissions.

Source: Gibraltar Port Authority